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Welcome to PHYT CLE

Step out of your comfort zone

Keep Your Body Moving with ease

PHYT CLE Athletics Wants You to Move!

Our goal is to guide active adults beyond their comfort zone and experience more to life outside of our gym through improved health and fitness. 

PHYT CLE offers functional fitness classes, personal training, mobility, and olympic lifting.


For recovery, we have expert in-house physical, occupational, and chiropractic care to keep you going and doing what you love. 

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Read What Our Members & Drop Ins Have to Say About Us!

"I'm happy to report that Phil and Josh (head coaches) are among the most knowledgeable, encouraging, and kind coaches I've ever known. I have yet to NOT get personalized feedback during a workout, and I appreciate that so much. I leave this place feeling so good - partially because of the safe socialization I get to do but mostly because of the wonderful workout! Programming is thoughtful and varied - never boring. They welcome athletes of all abilities, ages, and sizes, and do a wonderful job of accommodating various injuries and needs. I appreciate that I am never pressured to do Rx or shamed for modifying. The athlete community here is lovely, too.I'm very glad I switched and would highly recommend this gym to all CrossFitters - especially those who are new and looking for a welcoming and safe experience."

Olivia D.

"I travel a lot so I drop in at CF gyms wherever I go and I'm glad I picked CrossFit CLE to train when I was in Cleveland. The coach Phil is truly one of the best human beings I've ever met. He's knowledgable, respectful, and altruistic. And I mean that! The gym is great. They have everything, including a ski erg (which I tried for the first time). The community at 11 am and noon classes were great, friendly and smiling. Workouts were well programmed. They had both strength and conditioning portions. This is my gym when I'm in Cleveland from now on!"

Mehmet B.

"I was visiting Cleveland for a month and this gym welcomed me right in. They made it feel like my home gym. I’m a very experienced crossfitter and I travel a lot (which means visiting a lot of gyms) and this one is up there with the best. Great facility, great coaches/owners, and some of the best programming I’ve seen."

Jed F.

"I recently became a member of CrossFit CLE. I've only had a few classes so far, and my experiences have been phenomenal. And here are some of my thoughts: One of the coaches here, Josh Lavelle, has been just fantastic. As a person who has not worked out at all for a long time and who is just a novice athlete, he is willing to keep extra attention to me so that I become fitter and learn how to do weightlifting.Also, the community here is amicable and welcoming.I'd highly recommend it to everyone who not only wants to become a fitter person but to have a healthier life."

Sung S.

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1200 E 49th St, Cleveland, OH, 44114


MONDAY - FRIDAY: 5:30 AM - 7:30 PM

SATURDAY - SUNDAY: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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