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Josh Lavelle


When Josh found CrossFit he thought he was a good athlete. He was quick, coordinated, agile, and had a lot of drive. CrossFit taught him that there are so many more domains to fitness. He lacked strength, power, stamina, and flexibility. His first CrossFit WOD was The Baseline, but that was all it took. He knew he needed cross-functional fitness in his life to become the fittest person he could. To this day he keeps surprising himself and is twice as athletic in his 30’s as he was in his 20’s.


His first CF coach and gym, CrossFit 7 Mile, taught him a love for coaching. “It was awesome seeing people achieve things they didn’t think possible with a bit of guidance.” He took their values of community and making positive change back to PHYT CLE Athletics. “I love being a part of a family of like minded people who all want to see each other get better.”

Co-owner and coach Josh Lavelle at PHYT CLE Athletics


  • Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, The Ohio State University

  • Masters of PreK-3 Education, Antioch McGregor University


Continuing Education

  • Certified Professional Governor, The English Nanny and Governess School

  • CrossFit L2

  • CrossFit Gymnastics


Athletic Achievements

  • Multiple Regional and National Appearances for College, Club, and Masters Ultimate from 2002-2014 

  • Multiple CrossFit Competitions and Olympic Lifting Meets

  • Ate 28 hardboiled eggs in 10 minutes 

  • Once played a 4 player game of Monopoly in a half hour by himself

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